Here at eSpyder, we are immensely proud of our Privacy Operations and eDiscovery Platform. We believe that our newly released Version 3 of eSpyder provides industry leading support for organisations of all sizes that take privacy compliance seriously.

If you wish to register your interest in the programme, then please register here:

The eSpyder solution has evolved over the last 4 years based on customer feedback and the increasing demands for global privacy compliance regulations.

eSpyder has been designed from the ground up to support Data Processing Officers (DPOs) in their roles, ensuring company compliance with Privacy Regulations such as the GDPR and best business practice.

eSpyder allows DPOs to respond to Data Subject Access Requests (SARs) easily and quickly. It also allows you to track your progress in terms of SARs processing and corporate data storage and retention.

As part of our ongoing drive to provide the best privacy and eDiscovery solution available for companies, we have created a Trial Programme open to a limited number of organisations across various industry sectors and company sizes. In return the participating companies will receive a ninety-day eSpyder licence and associated support.

Designed to be invisible and seamless for users on one hand, but fully configurable for administrators and regulations consultants on the other hand. While supporting efficient and highly flexible Search & Indexing configuration and deployment options, eSpyder easily blends into existing IT environments without the need for additional server infrastructure.

Based on the industry leading eSpyder Enterprise PII identification engine, eSpyder is able to rapidly identify Personal Identifiable Information across a company’s estate no matter if on servers, clients, visible or hidden.


For companies and individuals to qualify for the trial programme, they must meet the following critieria:

  • Provide feedback on the deployment and user experience with the eSpyder Platform.

  • Provide full details of the Use Cases being supported with solution.

  • Be responsible for the Privacy Management within your organisation, or the agreement / buy-in of that executive.


If you wish to register your interest in the programme, then please register here:  


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