Why we all need to take care about compliance and reporting.

GDPR is happening now and is the biggest shake up of rules surrounding Data Protection since 1998
It’s a regulation that is relevant to EVERY organisation, irrespective of size or sector
If you get it wrong – you could face fines of up to 20 million Euros.
Accountability is at the heart of the regulation

www.theagency.com, January 2017

Compliance is based on the application of data protection best practices and the immutable logging of activity, which is accurate and verifiable.

How does eSpyder respond to these challenges?

eSypderTM fulfills International compliance requirements through the application of smartPoliciesTM, demonstrating verifiable deployment of best practices and with the logChainTM database, immutable records consistent with International compliance standards.

Capturing the output from the always-on inventory services together with records of intercepted activity on documents, policies and settings, the eSpyder Reporting Services provide forensic level data and analysis capabilities, demonstrating compliance while maintaining a referenceable chain of evidence.