Why we all need to take care regarding document protection

Existing security solutions tend to focus on the creation of an outer shell of protection against attacks which when breached, leave a client’s documents open to exploitation. As recognised by Steve Bellovin & Steven Cheswick, of Bell Labs...

    “Most company’s security can be described as Candy Security, having a hard crunchy shell, with a soft chewy center – like an M&M
    The outer shell... the firewall, is not sufficient protection because, once an intruder is able to circumvent it, the internal computer systems have at best, soft chewy security”

As noted by the Irish Times recently, failing to protect personal information (Credit card data - PCI, PHI, PII) within your estate, can leave your company non-compliant, posing significant financial consequence and loss of reputation

    “The incoming penalties for failing to display compliance in the aftermath of a data breach can be so significant they could have a devastating effect on companies found to be non-compliant”

    Irish Times, March 2017

How does eSpyder respond to these challenges?

Development of policies
The eSpyder management platform provides users the ability to develop & publish security policies, reflecting the level of security a company wants to implement.

eSpyder monitors and maintains secure logs of all file activities (edit, delete, and distribution) before they happen. These pro-active tracking features, enable eSpyder’s early secure intervention, mitigating attacks in real-time, ensuring your IP is never compromised.


The eSpyder embedded agent, provides real time authentication (of a user’s activity), based on your published security policies.

To achieve this, eSpyder will offer smartPoliciesTM which define the:

  • boundaries of either a physical or logical location of the end-point device based on eSpyder smartFencingTM technology
  • a document’s classification level
  • a user’s status or group membership
  • the scope of activity [on documents], to be controlled

eSpyder smartFencingTM technology comprises advanced geo-fencing concepts (IP, ISP, GPS, WiFi) plus, smartBeaconTM, a unique “Internet-of-things” (IoT) solution which utilises soft-beacons, allowing users to dynamically move geo-fences and/or enforce a quorum of persons required to work on consequential documents.